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Lucio Fontana - Ambienti Spaziali

€ 75,00

Lucio Fontana: Ambienti Spaziali presents a substantial number of the spatial environments conceived by the artist between 1948 and 1968, works that can be regarded as forerunners of the environments created by figures such as Allan Kaprow and Robert Irwin and the light art of the likes of Dan Flavin and Bruce Nauman.The book reproduces all the works in the exhibition, including drawings, sketches, environments, sculptures, and paintings.

Taal: Engels

Bindwijze: Hardcover

Verschijningsdatum: oktober 2012

AfmetingenAfmeting: 28 x 24 cm

Aantal pagina's: 412 pagina's

Auteur: Germano Celant

Redacteur: Germano Celant

Uitgever: Skira

EAN: 9788857214290

Gewicht: 2760 gr.