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Brand Vision Cards - A creative thinking tool for brand-building

€ 29,99

Brand Vision Cards are a brand building tool for visionary and strategic thinking designed to spark ideas and aid clarity. It is a playful and intuitive thinking tool designed to help readers explore, discuss and identify all the vital ingredients that they will need to define their vision.

The 243 cards consist of four categories: Brand Values: what you stand for; Brand Strengths: what will help you reach your goal; the Actions: what you will be known for; and the Emotions: you aim to evoke.

Brand Vision Cards can be used by companies, designers, communication professionals and facilitators. It is a tool for goal setting, vision statements, sharpening your USP, future innovation or as inspiration. Readers can submerge themselves in some serious thinking or take the playful approach and consider their brand personality, values, beliefs and path forward.