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My Photography Game

€ 15,00

Based on a beautiful collection of photographs, paintings, and illustrations, kids and parents compete to figure out underlying visual similarities. The cards uncover ten visual language characteristics hidden in 40 artworks. The box contains ten sets of cards and a rule-set. Each set is composed of a visual characteristic (pink card) and four images (green cards). The goal is to match each characteristic with four images to make a set. Once all sets are complete, the winner is the player that collected more. Children enjoy on their own once they know how to play and can start taking pictures with a purpose. Games like My Photography Game help engaged parents by offering alternative learning tools. 2017 Council of Europe Report: “Visuals can be far more persuasive than other forms of communication, which can make them much more powerful vehicles for mis- and disinformation.” Do you need more reasons to guide your children into being visually literate?

#myphotogame Do you like photography? There is something magic about capturing a beautiful image or making a moment special because of what you captured. Why not help children find their way into photography? Share your photos on Instagram #myphotogame and see what other people photographed! Age 7+