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Sneakers Unboxed (Engelstalig)

€ 18,50

The official book to accompany the Sneakers Unboxed Exhibition.

  • Created by and exclusive to the Design Museum (Londen)
  • In 2020 alone, more than one billion pairs of sneakers were sold, with new models appearing on blogs and websites virtually every day. With a resale market currently valued at six billion dollars, it’s safe to say that sneakers are one of the most ubiquitous design objects in the world
  • But in a world that moves as fast as the sneaker industry does – one that is always thinking about the next iteration, the next drop – there is not always time for reflection. This is where this book, Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street, comes in. Unlike other books which feature one well-known shoe after the other, this book hears from those who have played critical roles in the emergence and continuing evolution of the global sneaker phenomenon, both directly and indirectly
  • Who are the people involved in a design of a sneaker? How do their roles and approaches differ? How does their individual work contribute to the collective effort of making a sneaker? What are the fundamentals of a successful sneaker design? And what is the future of sneaker design in a post-pandemic world?
  • These are just a few of the questions posed to forty of the world’s leading designers, creators and industry insiders who are featured in this book. Taken from hours of conversations and interviews, this book features insights from those responsible for some of the most important sneakers and innovations ever made. You may not recognise their names, but you will recognise their creations. And chances are you’ve probably worn a pair, whether it’s the adidas Superstar or Reebok Freestyle or Nike Air Jordan 1, or the YEEZY 700 or Salomon XT-6 or Rihanna x PUMA Fenty Creeper, to name a few
  • Richly illustrated, Sneakers Unboxed not only showcases iconic sneakers from the 1970s to today, but also never-before-seen drawings, sketches and prototypes for some of the most innovative designs in the world. From the subcultures that elevated various sneaker models to iconic status, to the secretive world of people and processes involved in making a sneaker, this book ends with a glimpse into the potential future of the sneaker industry – told by those who are striving to make that future a sustainable one
  • The most comprehensive sneaker book to feature the thoughts, opinions, stories and insights of leading designers, creators and industry insiders who have shaped the global sneaker phenomenon
  • Lavishly illustrated, featuring previously unpublished images, this book charts the journey of sneakers, exploring how and why they transitioned from athletic performance objects to symbols of style, status and belonging
  • Contributors include industry-defining designers such as Alexander Taylor, Asha Harper, COTTWEILER, Helen Kirkum, Peter Moore, Samuel Ross, Steven Smith and many more. Featuring insights from forty industry experts with a breadth of experience that charts the sneaker industry from its earliest days to its future, this publication is uniquely placed to attract a wide audience, from the casual wearer to the most diehard ‘sneaker head’