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Letter sleutelhanger

€ 9,50

Mo man tai – loves fonts and colours!
Recycled ABC key chains designed by Ulrike Jurklies.

These key chains made from different acrylic leftovers; mounted on a stainless steel wire, add a playful element to your keychain.
And as mo man tai is well known for its colourful expressions the contrasting or coordinated colors add an additional form of personal identification. The used typeface; Myriad, is a humanist sans-serif typeface probably best known for its usage by Apple.

These are laser cut from 2 to 4 mm transparent colours. The colour combinations are collated by mo man tai; depending on the leftover colours our supplier collected – you cannot choose the colours but we guarantee a colorful mix!

Mo man tai ABC key chain is packed (as all our key chains) in a fair and eco friendly packaging.

Packaging size: 145 x 90 mm
Letter size A: ca. 45 x 50 mm
‘ABC – recycled keychain’ comes with a 15 cm stainless steel wire – closed it forms a loop of ca. 5 cm diameter. That means it can also be used as a generic pendant.